Your Force Multiplier

A passion for pioneering
products and
strengthening brands.

After working in the consumer packaged goods industry for nearly 25 years, Curt Behrens started P2B in 1999. He carefully crafted a team of professionals who have a comprehensive knowledge of the U.S. retail marketplace and provide deep strategic thinking. Our combined expertise enables P2B to quickly understand complex issues, articulate the key points, and seek practical solutions.

Whether a company has an innovative new packaged good or established product, we provide insightful and pragmatic marketing solutions. Today, our clients trust P2B to help them fully understand retail dynamics, enhance sales and marketing functions, develop winning strategies, and achieve objectives. By leveraging our unique expertise and established relationships, we put products exactly where they need to be and help our clients achieve greater success.

To meet needs in the most efficient manner, we also call on our robust network of specialists. This tactical use of business associates along with employees eliminates excessive or underutilized overhead—and that means the most streamlined and cost effective solution for our clients.

Curt has diverse interests and a curious nature, a sharp intellect, boundless energy, demonstrated integrity, refreshing humility, and a real passion for helping brands reach and exceed their goals.